Sernetz·Schäfer offers comprehensive support to corporations and their executive bodies in matters of compliance. We assist enterprises and managements in developing and improving their compliance systems, but also help deal with any compliance cases and associated liability issues. Close cooperation with experienced criminal defence lawyers enables us to guarantee our clients a comprehensive and seamless protection of their interests.

Manager Liability

Legal advice and representation in cases involving liability on the part of executive bodies is one of our core specialist areas. We have been actively involved in the prominent compliance liability cases of the past years. We have acted for corporations in cases of violations of duty by members of their executive bodies, and on behalf of managers confronted with liability claims. Particular mention should be made of insurance issues in connection with D&O insurers.

Ausgehend von ihrer tiefen Branchenexpertise (...) hat sich die Einheit als eine bevorzugte Beraterin für regulatorische Compliance-Fragen entwickelt.

(JUVE Handbuch 2010/2011)

frequently retained in compliance and corporate liability matters, thereby earning enthusiastic praise from its competitors

(JUVE Handbuch 2015/2016)