Large national and international companies rely on the expertise of our law firm, which is determined not by its size, but by the outstanding qualifications and comprehensive know-how of our lawyers. We provide well-known listed companies with advice and support in our main practice areas of banking, technology and innovation, trading, consumables and services. We advise and represent our clients in both pre-trial disputes and litigation.

We advise medium-sized companies from the industry, trade and service sectors in all questions of corporate and commercial law. We advise managements and shareholders within the scope of restructurings, corporate acquisitions and in questions of corporate governance. We provide medium-sized companies with efficient, ongoing and pragmatic legal advice from a single source.

In particular: Banks and Financial Institutions

RIn particular: Banks and Financial Institutions

We are regularly retained by large national and international business banks and financial service providers. We also advise numerous German and foreign investment companies and investment funds. We are frequently engaged by stock markets, cooperative banks, state banks, savings banks and other institutions from the public sector.

Our services cover the entire spectrum of banking, stock market, credit and capital markets law, including financial supervision law and the peculiarities of investment law. Besides our comprehensive consultancy advice, we are also retained in the event of disputes among banks or financial service providers, or between such financial service providers and third parties. We represent our clients in complex individual proceedings, as well as in model proceedings and class actions. Our lawyers are also frequently engaged as arbitrators and legal experts.

Executive Bodies, Managers

RExecutive Bodies, Managers

We represent management boards, managing directors, supervisory boards and administrative boards in widely varying matters of company law, corporate governance and compliance issues. Our legal services include the drafting of legal opinions and support in negotiations, e.g. regarding service agreements and severance agreements, as well as advice and representation in disputes. One of the main focal points of our activity is legal representation in complex liability cases, in close cooperation with D&O insurers.

Family Offices, Private Individuals

RFamily Offices, Private Individuals

Our lawyers also have long-standing advisory relationships with a large number of private persons and family offices. These clients primarily seek advice on company and inheritance law issues. We advise family enterprises and entrepreneurial families on succession planning and inheritance structures. A further focus of our legal services lies in the drafting and execution of wills, including the foundation and long-term supervision of trusts.

Shareholders, Active Investors

RShareholders, Active Investors

We advise shareholders on the exercise of their rights and the drafting of shareholder agreements, as well as in the event of disputes with co-shareholders or the management board.

We advise active investors on maintaining and proactively asserting their shareholder rights, both extra-judicially and before the courts. In addition to our comprehensive corporate know-how, our national and international clients benefit from our unusually wide-ranging litigation expertise in this area, particularly our many years of strategic experience gained from complex and intensively-conducted disputes. Our lawyers have also made a significant contribution to the ongoing legal developments in this area, as a result of their participation in several leading cases.